Sidonie Henbest is an artist recognised for her powerhouse performances and dramatic presence. Equally at home on the opera stage or an intimate nightclub setting, Sidonie traverses the breadth of music with sophistication and finesse.

Born in London, she was raised in South Australia, where she completed her formative training in the Performing Arts and studied music at the Elder Conservatorium. Sidonie undertook her initial musical training in Jazz, and has worked extensively as a solo and small ensemble cabaret artist, and performed as an improvisatory artist/actor in a number of multi-platform projects. She has a long-term creative partnership with choreographer and new media artist Amanda Phillips in which the boundaries of audience, performer, and performance space are re-imagined.

Sidonie believes in the power of storytelling and music as a transformative experience for the audience.


“Henbest has a sufficiently dynamic vocal range that she can turn on a dime from one genre to another and make the switch look effortless, investing 100% emotional commitment into each of her performances” (Adelaide Theatre Guide)